Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia Conference 2017

London. Friday August 18.

That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for next year.
Sidenote: Conference notes were taken, and are available on the NKH UK Facebook Group.

Prof. Nick Greene

As a professor of Developmental Neurobiology, Nick Greene leads a team of researchers currently exploring gene therapy treatments for NKH.

Mariana Campos

Mariana works with Genetic Alliance, a charity which actively supports research and innovation across the field of genetic medicine. They also provide peer support networks or patient groups for rare and genetic conditions.

Prof. Paul Gissen

Professor Paul Gissen is a Consultant in Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IMDs) at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Paul also collaborates with Nick Greene on the NKH work, and has a large research group himself as well as extensive experience as a metabolic clinician.

Dr Makki Hameed

Dr Hameed is a consultant pediatric neurologist, and has more than twenty years experience in both the UK and in Saudi Arabia, where he treated many patients with Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia.